Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April Showers

April showers? Showers of Snow that is!Easter Sunday Evening was a very stormy and we were blessed/cursed with a few more feet of snow. While my hubby spent his Monday relocating the white stuff

I made this...
I can't believe how sore my fingers are from pushing and pulling that thick thread through the three layers. I love the hand quilted effect but I am really bruised now. I have an assortment of thimbles but I can't seem to get used to using them. The fact that I cannot feel my finger tips forces me to avoid the thimble and I end up using other areas of my finger, defeating the purpose entirely.

I will have to find a different project to work on for awhile, but I want to make more. :-(

So today I am doing this... and this.
I think I will cut out squares until my wrist aches and then maybe let my sewing machine do the work for awhile, I am on a roll.

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