Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Maisie and Wonderland

Have any of you seen "Alice in Wonderland" yet? The new Tim Burton one I mean.

I had the privilege of seeing it this afternoon and I loved it. Johnny Depp was fantastic, of course. The make-up artist should be nominated for an Oscar...Oh! and the Costume Designer. The sets were amazing and I don't even know how they did the live action/animation thing. The young woman who played Alice was believable and very much looked the part.

I highly recommend it.

I have a funky bright new doll to add to my shop. I have named her...

Her body is made of a lilac hued cotton speckled with fish and her festive striped stockings/legs peek out from under her Dark green dotted skirt which has a waistband of grape and the hem is trimmed in rainbow ric rac.

Maisie has some wild pink and orange dreadlocks. Which I totally envy.

She will soon have company, I have finished a couple more rag dolls but I haven't found the perfect hair for them yet. Kevin is calling them both Sinaed. I am thinking...Telly ;-)

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Land of shimp said...

She looks absolutely wonderful and full of fun! Nicely done.

I haven't seen Burton's Wonderland yet, but am planning on it.

My son and I have been taking turns bellowing randomly at each other, "YOU'RE LATE FOR TEA!!"