Saturday, April 17, 2010

Perfectly Patriotic

Hello all,

This week I have been preparing the Pasquali Rumpus Shop for Independence day . I guess Mother's Day and Memorial Day are our next holidays, but I feel like getting a head start on the 4th of July so I need to get busy now!

I had cut out these 3 1/2" squares last week...and they inspired me to make this perfectly patriotic pillow. My favorite part of making any patchwork project is the "arranging", deciding which square goes where (hey, that rhymes;-) is the highlight and then the work begins.
This is the finished pillow in all it's Glory, both sides are handquilted with white embroidery thread. I think it belongs on someones front porch, maybe sitting on a white porch swing in Americanaville U.S.A.
We have added a few flag waving Tie Dyes too! These two are currently For Sale in the shop ...

but this one I kinda messed up...
I dribbled some blue down at the bottom. This may become my Independence Day shirt. I am thinking of reconstructing it into a more feminine shape, we'll see.
I have almost completed an embroidery project that I cannot wait to show you but right now I need to build a fire it is freezing in here!

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