Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Chasing Spring

The crocus have bloomed! These little beauties are the first plant to bloom in my garden every year so they hold a certain excitement even though they are diminutive and unassuming.

I adore the soft blue, it reminds me of white linens rinsed with bluing.

Two days ago my garden looked like this...ugly, very UGLY but beautiful to me.The snow is melting and there is plant life poppin' up all over. The Crocus from above are just to the right, outside of this photo, they are there... believe me. They are very small.
This morning my garden looks like this...

Just a slight set back ;-(
To combat the disappointment I took a few photos of my "inside" garden.
The tomatoes are incredible.
Tomato flowers...

Biker Billy Pepper flowers...

I hope your April has been greener than mine.

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