Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Portland Mish Mash

Today's post is just a mish mash of photos I took while we were on our trip to Portland, Oregon last July. Sorry I couldn't get more creative than that. Today I have to work at my job that pays instead of the job I love.

This photo below, I took while at a stop light in... I can't remember where... well anyway, we were just sitting there and this motorcycle pulled up beside us and ...bingo I saw this shot! I love it, although I wish I could erase the SUV and the "Park Here" sign, but I can't have it my way gotta just let it happen.

I really can't explain this one. We saw this elfin stone house on our way to Columbia, CA. Just behind it the hillside slopes down to a gorgeous grassy valley hidden by dense trees. I peeked just a bit, but the "no trespassing/private property" signs kept me away. Oh but it looked so inviting down there. I imagined the tiny abode was really a doorway to subterranean stairs... maybe a gold mine? Who knows, it could be an outhouse... no, it seems way too romantic to be a toilet.

Now this odd building below I have pondered many times. It is in a tiny little corner park in Lee Vining, CA... the entrance to Tioga pass and Yosemite National Park. I do not know the story behind it... weird huh?

A look back at Mount Shasta... again I wish I could erase the car and street lamps.
Interesting wall except for the A/C unit and the street sign...Ugh!

I love bridges, all kinds...

and water towers. I think it's a side effect of my obsession with movies filmed in the New York City area.

The photo below is all that is left of the flat of Oregon berries we bought at a small farm just outside of Portland. Oh, they were so yummy.
This tombstone is not in the front yard of this house! Doesn't it look like it is? There is actually a street in between.

The weather was so lovely the entire trip, but I wanted it to rain! I mean I was in the Pacific Northwest right? Lucky for me it did rain a bit on our way out of Portland. Here is proof... from the car window. :O)
I leave you with this shot. So lush, the greenest place I've ever been.
Have a lovely day.


Erin said...

really nice photos, thanks for sharing - i miss the PNW so much!!

don't you just hate it when the wrong objects intrude on your photos? boo, hiss for cars, street signs and ac units.

Land of shimp said...

Again, such beautiful pictures. I love the picture of the wall also, even the stop sign and the AC unit. It gives it a sense of life, and helps make the dream-like quality of the wall seem more grounded.

Similarly, I love the pictures of the rain because, to me, that is almost a mystical land. Out here we don't get a lot of rain, and lush, green areas are practically nonexistent.

You just took my brain on a vacation, thank you for that!

Rae Ann said...

Great pictures! It makes me want to go back to Portland for a family visit. Thanks for sharing!

Jo said...

What wonderful photos...! And you have the most beautiful masthead of any blog in the blogosphere...!

Jennifer D said...

Erin- Thanks! I do wish I could just delete unwanted things from my photos.

Shimp- you are so kind and you have such a way of making me see another side of things. Thanks.

Rae Ann- I had never been to Portland before. Just Gorgeous.

Jo- you make me blush. I am assuming you are referring to the Snowman Land (I changed my header recently) my hubby and I create every Christmas... magical isn't it.