Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pinwheel Decisions

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, I did. We are still eating the leftovers here. Turkey pot pie last night, made by my husband. I am not sure what kind of Turkey combo we will come up with tonight. :O)
I have been working on Christmas presents the last few weeks and I can't post about those projects just yet. I do have a quilt top in the works but I think I will be putting it aside for a day so I can come back to it fresh. I am stumped. You see it all started with the idea to make Christmas pinwheel blocks out of solid red and white.
Then I decided to add solid green. Which led to this...

I love how the triangles create several different patterns. I can see diamonds, bow ties and pinwheels. The idea crossed my mind that maybe it was getting too busy. Maybe it was my eyes crossing after staring at it too long? So... I cut these...
which became these.

Now... My problem is what comes next. Do I butt the red and green blocks up to the white, red and green ones, like so...

and put a pine cone sashing around the pinwheels?Perhaps I should break it up with a green dotted sashing.

The pine cone fabric might be nice there.
Here is a closer look. Hmmm.... Maybe I need more pinwheels, pine cone and green ones.
Help me!


Land of shimp said...

Oh my goodness! That was like looking at a magic eye painting :-) "I see movement, movement...aaaaghahaha!"

Well, I'm sure whatever you end up making will be absolutely lovely! Go with your gut, I say. Plus, you're obviously gifted at putting these sort of things together, and I decidedly, am not.

Having said all that, I will honestly add that something about the pine cone material doesn't remind me of Christmas. It reminds me of curtains, circa the fifties or sixties. I have no idea why!

Yes, I'm odd :-D

Julie in the Barn said...

Well...I think the solids are very graphic by themselves. I'm not crazy about the pinecone fabric. Maybe if you keep it all solids but sprinkle in some other shades of red & green solid. Use the pinecones as a back.

That crazy upside down building was featured on Calif. Gold with Huell Howser on PBS. I've got some photos of hubby standing on the little porch. Now I have to go look for that little building in Columbia!

Julie in the Barn said...

Hi Jennifer, Since you have e-mail set at "no-reply" I can't respond to your comment privately. Yes, Dear Mom is a peach. She deserves lots of quilts from me.

That crazy upside down house has an interesting past. I'll find my photos and notes about it and do a post sometime soon. I can't recall the ladie's name right now but it was built by a famous movie star from way back who lived near Mono Lake. She wanted to help attract tourism for her community so that's why it was built. I'll look up my info. Next time you come over Sonora pass, shoot me an e-mail. We can meet for a cup of coffee in Twain Harte!


Jo said...

Omigoodness, that's amazing. I am always impressed by the precision required in making quilts. But the finished product is always so beautiful.


Thimbleanna said...

Boy, what a dilemma! I love the pinwheel block -- that's always been one of my favorites. I love the pinecone fabric too, but like some of your other commenters, I'm not sure I like it with the pinwheels. I'm on a huge simple kick right now (which will probably only last until the end of the week LOL) -- do you have enough fabric to just make the first set of pinwheels -- so you only have white, red and green? Is that too simple???

Jennifer D said...

Shimp- I thought it was like a magic eye painting too! It actually started to strain my eyes.

Julie- Thanks for the info on the funny little house. I always wondered. I will contact you the next time I am in Gold Country.
Thanks for the help with my Christmas Quilt.

Jo- I am basking in your praise, thanks.

ThimbleA- I will keep your "simple" ideas in mind. Thanks so much for the advice. I have decided the Pine cone fabric is "out".
Your either in or your out!