Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween House

Our tiny little house has become my playhouse over the years. This is where I do most of the things I love. One of those things is decorating for the holidays... any/every holiday in fact. I even celebrate Elvis's birthday. Sometimes it is really a season I am celebrating with my kooky decor not just a particular day.
My favorites are Halloween and Christmas. I have a hard time with Easter because it is a "serious" holiday. I mean it does involve a death, so I don't feel like sweet little bunnies and chicks represent the day properly ,but what do I decorate with? crucifixes?
I have many,too many says my husband,tubs of decorations in our garage and I get a lot of grief for starting too early... I start my Halloween decorating Oct.1st and I have a hard time holding myself back when it comes to Christmas. I am ashamed to say I usually start about... the first weekend in November. That's right, November.
I make Christmas last, although I am done with it before New Years Day and I bring out all my "normal" decor, which I haven't seen since the end of September. It all seems fresh and new by then.
On Halloween we carve pumpkins every year and put them on our deck but no one ever comes to Trick or Treat. For safety reasons the kids stay in one cul-de-sac housing area called "The Trails". The police block off the whole neighborhood so the kids don't have cars and such threatening them. It is nice and the families in that area really go all out... or they leave town for the night. I wish some hooligans would knock on my door this year.
If not... oh well,we'll just eat the candy ourselves, again. :O)

Isn't that the cutest little skeleton ever?


Lazy Gal Tonya said...

whee, sounds like a great house to visit. do you overlap halloween and christmas at all? Santas with jack o'lanterns etc? I think it's a hoot.

Jennifer D said...

Tonya-No I haven't mixed the two... yet! That would be very "Nightmare Before Christmas". Neato!

Land of shimp said...

So much fun!! I think it's marvelous to decorate, even without the expectation of trick or treaters. It's whimsical and fun!

We used to live across the street from a very nice man, who loved to decorate for holidays. I mean LOVED to decorate. Thanksgiving saw the giant inflatable turkey (we called him the GIT), Christmas had stalker snowman, the North Pole train, the manger, it went on and on.

Halloween featured all the ghouls and goblins you could ever want AND a huge, purple, inflatable spider atop his roof.

I miss that guy. Not only was it fun to live across the street from someone who took such joy in holidays; boy did he make giving directions to our house EASY.

Jennifer D said...

Shimp- He sounds like my kinda guy!

Junkyard Jennifer said...

I love the decorating, too. But since we moved into our house, I haven't really 'gone all out'. I just decorate the entry way and a shelf or two.

I loose my motivation a little because it's under construction (which shouldn't matter because it'll be 'under construction' for years to come!)

~ Jennifer