Monday, November 16, 2009

Tropical Color Splash

It has been awhile since my last post. It has been ...umm...kinda rough around here, but things are smoothing out now and I am back on track.
I have finished a baby quilt that I am so proud of. It was done just in time for a sweet little baby girl born on Nov.10th to some very special friends of ours.
The colors in it just POP! I used the colors Turquoise, Hot Pink, Blood Orange as inspiration. The piecing was very simple just rectangles sewn together. I only had to use the seam ripper half a dozen times to line up the seams perfectly...I have a hard time with perfect. I LOATHE the seam ripper. My niece calls it a "unstitcher". Who wants to waste time unstitching? Not me. I did though, I ripped out the mistakes and fixed them... like a good girl.

Doesn't it look warm and tropical?
The tiny new babe is also getting these precious candy colored tie dyes.
My husband lovingly tied and dyed them with her in mind, he put the bit of blue on the sleeves in honor of her middle name "Snow".

What do you think of the astro turf background?
Our yard is no longer the lush photo spot is was, so my clever hubby came up with this idea. Now I just need a sun lamp, lounge chair...and a Margarita.
Yeah! That's the ticket.


Land of shimp said...

The quilt is beautiful, Jennifer. It's cheering just to look at is.

I'm so sorry things have been rough, and I hope they continue to quite simply get better.

I'm going to be honest, if that's okay, I think the very plastic look of the astro-turf detracts from your work. I really do hope that's okay to say. It's just so artificial looking, and glossy, that ...okay, your pieces are all handcrafted, and that's such an art-form (one I can't do), in particular the intricacy of the quilt is really impressive. The glossy, plastic of the turf competes with that.

Do you perhaps have a piece of green canvas, or just plain canvas? Something matte that won't catch the light? Since what you are working with is cloth, it generally won't catch the light, and the eye goes towards whatever catches light first, and whatever else is there second.

Please forgive the blunt honesty!! I wasn't sure if you were asking for the purposes of trying to market, or not.

The above only matters in marketing :-)

Jennifer D said...

Shimp- as always I want your comments/ideas. I agree that the shine of the plastic is wrong. I am currently working on a little "photo area" so I will try your canvas idea. Who knows?

PS- thanks for the well wishes.

Junkyard Jennifer said...

I love that quilt. It's gorgeous. I'm such a sucker for bright colors.

I finally made a rag garland, last night, and asked my kids if they liked it this morning. The boys said yes and Nikayda wrinkled her nose and said, "It's too white. It needs color." And, it does! I'd been thinking the same thing. Color is so much more fun!

~ Jennifer

Jennifer D said...

Ah, what do boys know? They aren't into details. Nikayda knows whats up color... color everywhere.

Thanks for your compliments.

Jo said...

What a beautiful quilt. I want one for me....!!! *heh*

I hope things are starting to go better for you.

And yes, I agree with Alane, you need a lovely background to compliment your beautiful art work. Perhaps even a wood table? Your quilting is exquisite.

Jennifer D said...

Jo- I want one for me too!
Things are getting better, they can't be great all the time right?
Thank you for the concern.
I think you are right about the background. I think a more natural approach is the answer.
Hmmmm what to use...what to use.