Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Holiday Homemaker

Today I have finished an adorable pair of Holiday Pillows. They feature pretty little Homemakers in Holiday dress... ala Donna Reed and June Cleaver.
Ahh... those ladies could really get things done, in high heels no less!
I pieced the tops/fronts out of red, white and green fabrics and then I machine quilted them. They feel wonderful, like an old quilt. The more they are washed the softer they will get. I am having a hard time not putting them on my own sofa... no... I must sell them. Here's a look at the back... they're both the same.
I have also finished my Caramel Cherry Pillow and I love it! I hope someone else does too, it will be for sale in my shop tonight.
The back.
I made these pillows with no thought as to the measurements of a standard pillow form.
I don't know!
So last night I was stitching away on "custom" pillow forms.
That makes them "better", right?
I can pretend it was on purpose. :O)


Land of shimp said...

Oh they're very pretty, Jennifer! I love that there is a sense of nostalgia with those images. The far distant past, you know? It's nice that something that might have been associated with repression (the image of the perfectly dressed house wife, so happy in her life) ...has now become something we can view with fondness.

I'm not articulating this well, but I take a certain amount of pride in our gender that the image used is now something firmly in the past. We know how much women can do, and your very charming pillows have a sweet image, that not only conjures up Donna Reed; but how vast the scope of accomplishment really is for women now.

I know that's a lot to assign to a pillow, isn't it? Still, that image is something we now know to be almost as fictional as Santa...and in knowing that? It's become just as endearing.

Jennifer D said...

Shimp- You are so right and you DO articulate VERY well! I am grateful that I don't have to try and live up to those "Donna Reed" type expectations but I do find the images endearing. They make me think of my mother and grandmother, two very strong women.
P.S. Everytime I look at that fabric the song "Mother's Little Helper" by the Rolling Stones, starts to run through my head. Kinda twisted, huh?