Monday, October 26, 2009

Shop Pasquali Rumpus

Today I finally opened my shop... Pasquali Rumpus!

There are currently a dozen different Tie Dyes for sale and tomorrow I will add a few Quilted Pillows. I am so excited about this...I make things all the time and people have been telling me for years to start selling my wares. The Tie Dyes are made by my hubby and I will be selling Quilts, pillows, napkins, hand bags,crochet blankets, little girl's dresses and the occasional Rag Doll... to start with. In the future I hope to sell my birdhouses as well. I am not sure how well my shop will do but I know I'll have fun stocking it. :O)

P.S. We just sold our first Tie Dye! Yipeee!
I thought I'd be waiting months for my first sale. Amazing.


DUTA said...

How exciting, Jennifer! I wish you lots of Luck with your shop!

Erin said...

congratulations, and good luck! i hope to do this myself at some point... once i, y'know, get better at stuff. :D

Jennifer D said...

Duta- Thank you! I still can't leave comments on your blog, sorry. I do read it though, I LOVE it.

Erin- Thank you very much and "you can do it!" Your blog is very funny. It helps me feel better in my frustration :O) .