Sunday, October 4, 2009

First snow of the season

The first snow of the season is falling as I write this. We have had to build a fire the last three evenings because the temps have been below freezing. I love the first fires of the season, they add such a warm glow to the room, even the smell makes me feel cozy. I am ready for winter...well... almost ready. We still have a lot of wood to split and stack.

I'll have to put away all my outdoor flower pots now.

It won't be long before my garden will look like this
and my parking lot will look like this!

Let it Snow...Let it Snow... Let it snow

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Land of shimp said...

The first snow is so beautiful, isn't it? I love it, it reminds me of how magical I thought snow was when I was child. You know, with those possibilities of no school, making snow angels, watching the Price is Right :-) Back then we greeted snow as this wonderful boon, with freeing possibilities.

The first snow is always like that for me. We haven't had ours yet, well, the high country has, but here in the Denver suburbs, we're still waiting.

It won't be long after that that a snowfall will mean questionable driving conditions, and long commutes. As we get older, I began to associate snow with escalating difficulties.

But that first snow? It's like being eight again, in the best way.