Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cabin with a View

I recently went along with Kevin to a small summer cabin up at our beautiful Twin Lakes. I was there just to stand at the bottom of his ladder while he repaired the chimney, so in between his trips up and down the ladder I took a few photos of the woods around us.

You can see just a bit of the lake from the cabin.

This tree had no pine cones on its lower branches, only at the tippy top. I was once told that cones only at the top means a big snowy winter is coming. I wonder if that's true?

Here is a shot of a pokey mossy sort of plant, it looked like tiny stars.

Doesn't this log look like a nice home for a woodland creature? Maybe a Gnome.

No one makes water gardens like Mother Nature.

Here is a fairy sized one.

Not a bad days work.

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