Monday, June 8, 2009

Cosmo gives to charity

Cosmo and I decorated a "Play Strong" scarf for Design gives back. We were thinking maybe some of your pups might like to participate too. I had a blast, we did a bit of a nature theme. Cosmo had fun until she realized she was going to model our scarf. She hates to get her photo taken! That is why she looks a little bit sad. Check out Kelee's fantastic site and decorate a scarf for abandoned pets. All you've got to do is send for a scarf, decorate it, put it on your pup and snap a shot!
Then send Kelee the photo by July 6th.


Marcella said...

Hi Jennifer, Just came across your blog when looking for someone with similar interests. I like your painting and I too would be pleased with the sky if it were my work. I have recently only got back to painting after many years and realise I have forgotton more than I ever knew about it. Cosmo looks like a lovely dog but I'm not sure the color suits her :-)

Jenn Steidley said...

Oooh...You're puppy doesn't look thrilled at all!!!