Saturday, January 19, 2013

Lily House #6

The new refrigerator has arrived! It is a GE 1920's Monitor Top refrigerator. As you can see it fits perfectly in the short nook by the backdoor. The next big project for Lily House is the wall treatment. The plan is for there to be wallpaper and beadboard. The inspiration came from the two kitchens in the photos below.

This kitchen is a new kitchen. The talented person who put this condo together is all out genius, every single nook and cranny is "period perfect". Anyway, notice the color of the paint used on the beadboard. I am not sure if it is aqua or seafoam but I love it and so Lily House will get bead board like this. The door you see goes nowhere it is just on the wall, trimmed out and everything with a dainty pink print curtain behind the glass. Brilliant I say. Oh and those lamps! Love. I wonder if they were inspired by this little kitchen below. It is in an old house in the ghost town of Bodie, CA. I took this photo a couple years ago because I love the beadboard and wallpaper combo.
The color is very similar and the wallpaper is a dainty pink print. Hmm...

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