Sunday, January 6, 2013

Lily House #5

Over the Holidays Willow made quite a few changes to Lily house. All of them very positive changes, Gatsby thinks. The living and dining areas have been painted white for now. They may stay that way or wallpaper might be in order. She moved the painting from the kitchen to the dining room but it will be moved to another wall once she finds the perfect bookcase or console for that spot.
The bedroom has been painted lavender...actually it might be more of a lilac and a color decision has to be made about the window trim. Willow has a new patchwork sheet and a matching pillow. She needs to find the perfect painting to hang above the bed.
The library has a new bookcase.
The cabinet that was in the bathroom is now in the kitchen above the sink and a refrigerator has been ordered.
Willow also treated herself to a couple Christmas goodies.
A super cute Elf mug...

and a Christmas pudding. Yum

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