Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Mean Red's

Two days ago I came very close to losing my beloved Cosmo.
For those of you who haven't met her here is a shot...

We have had her since her birth in August of 1996. She is a Border Collie/Pit Bull mix and has been my close companion for nearly fourteen years. Cosmo,or as we call her... Doe'd, started to swell up and drool after her dinner on Sunday and she had to have her tummy deflated by the Veterinarian. We are so lucky we reacted quickly, she surely would have died. On Monday morning we made the decision to have her put down because of the doctors feelings the night before, so I was a complete wreck all day. I had a bad case of "The Mean Reds". Then the doctor called and said she was doing well and we could bring her home. She is a miracle dog! I have never been so relieved, I have my baby back. She is pretty tired though... I am so happy she is back in her favorite chair.
In a lame attempt to get my mind off things I grabbed my camera and took the following photos on my walk to the Post Office.
Spring is here!I liked the fresh red paint on this fire hydrant but just pretend that ugly pile of dirty snow isn't there...Spring struggles around here.
I couldn't leave you with that last ugly image so here is a photo I took the day of my dear cousin's wedding in Portland. She happens to be having a Birthday tomorrow
Happy Birthday Cuz!
I love you J


Tonya Ricucci said...

I'm so glad your baby is okay. beautiful puppy.

Land of shimp said...

Oh, they're lovely pictures, Jennifer.

I'm so glad that Cosmo had a miracle in her yet. Our constant companions of many years are so difficult to lose. We know we will lose them someday, but oh how the world feels off-balance and wrong in the wake of that.

I'm glad Cosmo was able to bounce back enough to stay with you.

DUTA said...

The beautiful red flowers are a sharp contrast to the sadness in Cosmo's eyes.
"All's well that ends well" - as they say. And it ended well with you getting back your Cosmo.

Anonymous said...

thx u very much, i learn a lot