Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Odd Blooms and Kooky Benches

The weather around here has been feeling like spring, so I have been happily decorating my tiny garden with my favorite ornaments. Every year when I start to bring out my rusty metal stakes I think they look so stark and cold poking out of the ground with no greenery around to soften the scene. As the plants grow up around them they transform into something warm, aged and forgotten... like an old weathered abandoned shack covered in vines. I love old abandoned shacks! My daffy's are doing great.
The snow has turned to rain and the tulips are starting to sprout so soon there will be splashes of red among all this yellow.
I planted purple grape hyacinth all around the Daffodils a couple years ago hoping to add a new color but they come up after the Daffodils are spent. Oh well.
On my walk to the post office today I thought I would take a couple shots of the odd benches we have along the way. As you may know I live in a Ski Resort town... so here is a "chair lift bench". Oh how I wish they would paint that wall and plant some green bushes around it. It is a clever idea I guess...
But THIS one I really don't get! I didn't get a photo of the bench, it is a giant log with a large wedge cut out of it to form a bench shape. The odd thing is... well this...
These are my knees as I sit and take in the view. What view you say?
This one! Three pine trees.
I could slide to one side or the other but if you sit right in the center this is what you see. A close up view of bark. Weird... I think.


嵇ImogeneL_Spielman said...
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Jo said...

I LOVE the little floral lawn ornament. Please take another picture of it when the flowers have filled in. I love the bench too, but you're right, it needs some greenery around it.

DUTA said...

Daffodils are my favourites due to their delicate yellow and shape.
I like to sit on a bench ( by the way, your knees are very photogenic LOL) and cotemplate old trees, especially their overgrown roots.