Monday, May 17, 2010

Paint Project

This weekend was warm and sunny so I spent as much time as I could out in the garden and I am glad I did because it is raining today and snow is in the forecast for tonight. I raked and shoveled and when I was starting to feel a sunburn coming on I set up shop on the deck in the shade with my acrylic paints. I was inspired to make colorful plant markers.

My fine hubby was nice enough to cut up several blocks of wood for me. He keeps telling me I could do it myself but I can't get over my fear of power saws, I blame my woodshop teacher. I think all those safety stories scared me permanently.

I started out with the plan to use Sea Glass colors but I kept goin' off track. I can't help it... I am drawn to vibrant colors.

Then I used a marker to sketch out the designs.

I had a brief set back when I realized the varnish didn't make it through the winter.
Lucky me, I was able to find another can out in the garage. they are all varnished, now I just need to put stakes on them and pop them in the ground. Oh... and wait for our last frost! ;-)

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