Saturday, March 6, 2010

Facebook or Flickr?

I was wondering today why it is that I enjoy playing with so much more than Several friends and family kept pestering me to get on Facebook so I tried it out...I am not impressed. I didn't think I would be and I was right. It is useful in the sense that I can keep in constant touch with some people who I otherwise wouldn't hear from but I don't enjoy spending time reading about the mundane things folk do, such as feeding their cat, going to the gym or doing their laundry. Nope, it just isn't interesting to me. Flickr however is a whole different thing. I am having so much fun posting photos and looking at other peoples photos. There are some amazing photographers out there.

There is a group on Flickr called "The Secret Life of Toys", I looked through it a few days ago and found myself giggling like a school girl so I took a few shots myself. Here is one of them...he he

I need help with creative captions. Can you help me?

Yeah...I am not interested in the boring things people do but playing with toys is fun!

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Jo said...

I don't care for Facebook either. I much prefer blogging. Facebook seems rather juvenile to me.