Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'll be wearin' Green

Happy St.Patrick's Day!

Things are changing around here. Spring is most surely on its way. The day is twelve hours long now and it hasn't snowed in several days. The highs have been in the low 50's and the lows... about 28. Pretty soon we will get to have a night that doesn't freeze and then we are on our way to my favorite time of year...Summer. AHHH, I can just imagine how warm I'll be working out in my garden. I can't wait. The tomato plants we have started all have tiny little flower buds on them which will soon be flowers that turn into tomatoes. Yummy

Today I am celebrating St. Patrick's Day with our usual menu, Corned Beef ( already in the slow cooker) with cabbage, Pea Champ and Soda Bread and just like every year we will watch "Far and Away".

I love this movie so much, although Tom Cruise is not as charming to me as he once was. I don't know what happened to me and Tom, I lost my love somewhere along the way. Nicole Kidman ,however, I could watch her all day. I need a new St. Pat's Day movie, do you have any suggestions? I was thinking "P.S. I Love You" would be a good one but I always cry hysterically when I watch that flick. Every other "Irish" movie I can think of is too violent or depressing to watch every year. For today I am sticking to "Far and Away".

There are many projects underway here at Pasquali Rumpus and I don't want to post about them 'til I am finished. I have a new Rag Doll completed and once I get her washed she will be available in my shop.

OH! Guess what... Josie sold!

She was the first Doll to go up for sale in my shop and now she is on her way to a new home in Michigan.

Well... I guess that is it for now. I better go get my green on, don't wanna get pinched. ;-)

I guess I should explain why I put that photo above...
The woman on the left is my Great Grandmother Nellie Murphy...she is one of my connections to Ireland.

Have a very Lucky Day!


kaiolohiakids said...

There's always "Waking Ed Divine" which is a great Irish movie & another one I love is called "The Closer You Get" - it was released in the US as American Girls. They are both funny in that droll Irish way and I've seen both of them numerous times and enjoyed them every time! Top o' the mornin to ya!

DUTA said...

Nice way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day: good traditional irish food, a movie, and above it all your irish grandmother Nellie staring from the picture.

Congrats for selling Josie and Good Luck with your additional projects!

Kelee said...

Hi Jennifer!

Thank so much for visiting!

From the look of your Etsy you have been very creative and BUSY! I love that.....

Hope you the critters are well too....

You are so kind....

love, kelee

Jennifer D said...

Kaiolohiakids- Thanks for the movie suggestions. I will check them both out before next St. Pat's Day.

Duta- Thanks for the well wishes

Kelee- Thanks for visiting! My critters are doing fine, just very old.

Land of shimp said...

You could try Circle of Friends, Jennifer. It's a primarily English and American cast, but they're pretending to be Irish.

But with better accents overall than Cruise :-)

Jennifer D said...

I will check out Circle of Friends, Thanks Shimp!