Sunday, February 28, 2010


Duck... Spring is coming!I took this photo at the Bishop City Park in Bishop ,CA. last week,
Don't you just love those shadows?
They make me want to sing" Six little ducks that I once knew..."


Jo said...

I know a good recipe for duck l'orange.

.... Kidding! kidding! kidding!

That's a wonderful picture. :-)

DUTA said...

Lovely ducks, and..lovely shadows!
And you may sing, it would be nice.

Land of shimp said...

Whenever I see pictures of ducks, I tend to spontaneously say, "Duck, duck, GOOSE!"

Which makes sense if you are me...or if you played that game as a child OR...I suppose, if you prefer Geese to Ducks. Honkers, and quackers.

Jennifer D said...

Ha HA!

Jo, Duta and Shimp, just seeing the word Duck written so many times made me laugh...ducks are so funny.

Mommy of Monkeyshines said...

Saw your comment on Twyla and Lindsey's blog and thought I would pop in to take a peek! Cute blog! :)