Monday, January 16, 2017

Buggy Mushroom Quilt

Half way through the first month of 2017 and I am just now writing my first post of the new year. Not at all surprising though, not for me.
I have been embroidering, crocheting and quilting like a fiend and have knocked back my Un Finished Object (UFO) pile quite a bit.
One such UFO is this groovy little beauty.
Please excuse my goofy wire and hook system there, still a work in progress.
I happened to have all of these gorgeously wild fabrics in my stash therefor making this project another stash buster. Yay! The mod pink and orange fabric is vintage and I love it.
The backing is a piece I have had for many years but I could never bring myself to cut it. It was just too awesome. Now I know why, I hadn't found the right project for it yet! It is called "Lava Lamp".
It just belongs with this fun Buggy Mushroom scene.
I embroidered this so long ago I can't remember when. I thought I would make it into a pillow but the last thing I need is another throw pillow. I have a throw pillow problem. It's pretty serious.
So a wall hanging quilt it became.
The whole reason I had to embroider this block is this cute little ladybug and this snail.
. I needed to deck them out with the, oh so tedious but worth it, Satin stitch.
Not a bad project to work on during the incredible snow storms we've been having, it is so cheery and bright and Groovy!

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