Thursday, September 5, 2013

Lower Deadman's Camp part.3

Our new tent has two funny little pop out closets. I made one of them into a Rugby bed and put all of our clothes in the other one. We had a couple days of rain and Rugby decided the one with our clothes was the one to hide in. She was so scared of the thunder. 
It is pouring rain out there.

Our entertainment center.

 Our super comfy bed.
I cooked over the fire even though it was raining. Super fun.
 The Dept. of Fish and Game stock the creek with trout and the water is so low you can see the fish swimming around.

When my friend first spotted this golden furry rump, he thought it might be a retriever. I looked closer and the wag of the tail made me think the same. I moved in closer and realized we were wrong.
It was Bambi! 
There were a few other deer there but stealthy I am not. I chased them off before I could get a good shot.
Hunting season opens soon and the hunters won't be using cameras to shoot the deer.
Run Bambi, Run!
I think he is listening.

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