Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Lower Deadman's Camp part.1

We have been blessed with a lot of camping time this summer. Our "Summer House" was set up at Lower Deadman's Campground in August and we enjoyed it every day possible for 17 days!
The Camp is only 9 miles from our home so when there was work to be done we came home and cleaned up, worked, cleaned up again and went back out to our vacation house.It was fabulous!

Because we were in such a remote area I felt comfortable letting Rugby be off the leash. I want to train her to stay by me but it is hard to test her in town. She did beautifully. She is such a good camp dog. She stayed right in our camp area and never barked. She met every dog that moved in to the campground and got along with all of them. She made use of the quilt top I made for camp when it blew off the bench. Yes, I took and used a "floppy top" before it was finished... I couldn't wait and I wasn't home long enough to finish it.

Now here is a brief description of the camp. Standing at the...west side of the table looking towards the
campfire. Notice Ruggy's bed? She is a "glamper" to be sure.

Turning counter clockwise and facing North is what we now call "The Pumice Trail". It is an overflow area for Deadman's creek. If you follow the Pumice Trail you will arrive at our friends camp. Very convenient.

Turning a bit more to the west is the "kitchen".
a bit more and we are now looking at my son's room.

Here is the deluxe Master bedroom that we started with, but the zippers started breaking and the poor thing had many holes in it so we bought an even better one. I did not get a good photo though.

Now we are facing west south westish. The bridge to cross the creek is a log through those green bushes. Most of the time we were there someone or another was standing there fishing. Big fish, small pond.

This is facing south towards a campsite that had two different "Moto/Generator type camper families. I felt immense relief when they would leave. The fact that they left food in coolers out for the bears was infuriating as well.This is where we put our new tent up once we bought it.
Our spa. Yep, we even had a solar shower.

We need a better door/towel... longer, and some clothespins. 

The inside of the shower.
a mat that drains.
The view out of the door of the shower.
The view looking up from inside the shower, nice huh? Yep we even had monogrammed washcloths.

Standing at the campfire pit looking west.

We found tablecloths and quilts to be very handy against splinters.
and pine needles. Aww Ruggie.
Stay tuned for part 2.

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