Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Lower Deadman's Camp part. 2

While we were spending quality stress free time in the woods my hubby turned 43. He and Tanner who is now 21 (gasp!) played a few games of horseshoes with a good friend.

They set up the game in the pumice road between our camps. Super fun.

This photo is just weird. It looks like my son is carring a snake, which he isn't. He never would do such a thing. It is a horseshoe.

Our campfire meals were amazing every night.        
On either side of our camp we had neighbors that told us about how they had been visiting for years and they knew all about our bears and how important it is to keep all of your food locked up in your car as there are no bearboxes at the lower Deadman's Camp. Each one of them left for the day and left coolers of food out! At least I got a photo before he moved on to our other neighbors cooler.
Zoomed in a bit.

Kevin ran him out of one neighbor's camp where he nearly got into some milk and he went around our camp to the next camp where he had some ham. I yelled over to them that a bear was in their cooler but they couldn't hear me over the generators. I ran closer and yelled" There is a bear in your cooler". They were eating dinner and they launched out of the table as if their seats were suddenly electrified.
Then the weekend warrior shot a rifle towards the bear as he was running away. Bait the bear and then shoot at the bear. Ugh!
Til next time.
Part. 3

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Thimbleanna said...

Wow. Really? I would have had a fit if they were shooting at the bear. I know you have to be careful, but...

Anyway, it sounds like lots of fun. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to camp!