Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Crochet Crazy

The weather here has been cold and snowy but my crochet hook has been burning up. I have finished another three lap/baby afghans and I will have them up for sale in my shop by the end of the day. This first one started out green and white but I decided to add some red and make it a Christmas blanket.
I am so pleased with the way it turned out.
This one has taken me forever to finish because I used small bits of different colored yarn left over from other projects. When the balls of yarn would get too small for the afghan I was working on I would just switch over to "Candy Stripes" and add a couple rows.
Candy Stripes has a weight to it, so warm.
Whew, looking at that photo is making my eyes hurt. ;0)

This last one I am calling "color block" because, is made up with a rainbow of granny squares.
I surrounded each square with black and also connected them with black
to set off the amazing color.

Then the sweet thing started screaming for a rainbow border and I complied, what else could I do? ;0)

I get an enormous sense of accomplishment every time I finish an afghan and now that two of my cozy creations have sold, I have a new found drive to keep stitching and stocking my shop.
The moment I finished "color block" I started two more afghans. Two so when I get bored with one color scheme I can switch to the other. I need to change things up now and then or my fun becomes work and who likes work?
We won't be seeing the sun for several days and the bright yarn I use helps to cheer me up so maybe I will go get busy now.;0)
Hope you are getting a bit of sun.


Land of shimp said...

I suspect you could crochet a car! Goodness, those are beautiful, vibrant, cheerful things. Made me smile just to behold them.

I'm going to do a bit of catch up reading here on your blog, so I'll likely be saying more below.

What are the chances, you know? Me. Words. Yup.

Jennifer D said...

Aw Gee Shimp! I am so happy I brought a smile to your face and I love love love your words. ;0)

Land of shimp said...

Jennifer, Jennifer! You have a dog!!

You might already be aware of this, but it was news to me. I had been commenting on the actual posts, but I wanted to make sure you saw this:

Oh lucky doggie Rugby!! I'm so glad you found her and she found you. That is an insanely cute dog. Oh my gosh, seriously, she's going to induce swooning in people.

Congratulations :-) Puddles came from Petfinder, too by the way.

I'm so pleased for you and for Rugby. How in the world did I miss her arrival? I'm so sorry!