Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bah Humbug !

Bah Humbug ! is the inspiration for a creation from the fabulous mind of Tonya over at UnRuly Quilter. Anyone who wanted to participate just needed to piece some Bah's and Humbugs (emphasis on the Bug) together in Christmas reds and greens with some yellow and send them to her by April 1st. I can't get enough of Tonya's quilt projects she has some great ideas. So I picked out these fabrics and went to town.
I made the Bah quickly enough but it ended up much bigger than I intended, like usual. When I started my "!" I decided that is where I would create a bug.

So here is my "Bah Humbug!"
You can read about the quilt top and how it is coming together here. Tonya has received more blocks than she can fit in one quilt top so I am not going to do the word Humbug...just a Bah and a humbuggy "!". I am sending it off to sunny Florida tomorrow and you know... that little Humbug put me in a cheery Yuletide mood and as a result I am almost done with another Christmas project for the shop. A Christmas lap afghan.
I do believe I enjoy working on Christmas projects in the Spring...Bad weather doesn't bother me when it feels like Christmas, maybe I should just put on Christmas carols and go with it because we have snow coming for the next 5+ days. Who knows what I will come up with! ;0)

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Tonya Ricucci said...

hee hee hee - very humbuggy!!!