Friday, December 3, 2010

Olympic Squares Afghan

My Olympic Squares Afghan is finished. I made the granny squares while watching the winter Olympics in Vancouver and then like usual I became bored with it and put it away... for a long time. Don't you love the colors? Cherry Red, Turquoise, Lime Green, Chocolate Brown and White. The dark chocolate yarn anchors the wild brights perfectly I think.
When I started making the Squares I concentrated on making sure there were no two alike but I didn't have a plan. When I laid them all out there were 5 spaces left and I wasn't sure what to do. You see, I had used up all the combinations I could think of. Then I realized that was the answer... there are no more possible combos so just make solid squares! Bingo.After weaving them all together I single crocheted a row of each color to make the border. There is something about this blanket that makes me think of a summer veggie garden... or maybe a tomato salad.
Olympic Squares is now up for sale in my shop and I have started a new Granny Square Afghan. This one I started while watching football on Thanksgiving and it is coming along very quickly. Sometimes sitting in front of the T.V. can be very productive. ;0)

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