Saturday, December 11, 2010

Grannys and Rain

Yesterday morning Rugby was excited to go out until we were actually out, then she changed her mind...girls do that. The sky was beautiful but rain/ sleet was falling and that doesn't go well with walking on ice.
Rugby said "This is Nuts!!!" When we were home safe and warm again I decided it was time to try my hand a photographing a hand crocheted scarf. I finished it a while back but I wasn't sure how to stage it. I started with the piano...
Too dark, So I took it outside. Hmmm... maybe the woodpile?
Eh...maybe... the sun was peeking in and out making it difficult. I think I need to reschedule this shoot. ;0)
I listed the scarf for sale in my shop anyway.
Rugby just keeps on thinking about the wacky weather.
It is different every time we go out... very curious.


DUTA said...

Both Rugby and the scarf are beautiful. I find the pictures of them quite good, but you're a perfectionist. I can tell this by your handwork displayed on your blog. So, that's why you tried several positions with the scarf.

Jennifer D said...

Thank you Duta. In many aspects of my life I am not a perfectionist at all but perhaps with the things I create I am. I never think it is good enough. I took many more shots than I posted! ;0)