Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our New Baby is Here!

Well... our great dog search didn't take very long at all thanks to Petfinder.com. Drum roll please....... here she is. We have named her Rugby.The day after Thanksgiving my hubby and I went to Palmdale, Ca and adopted a Welsh Corgi/Australian Shepherd. She was at a no-kill shelter for the last six months after being abandoned in front of a Petsmart. Someone found her tied to a shopping cart.

She is very timid but she is starting to relax.

I am having the most difficult time trying to get a happy shot of her, she is camera shy.
She is short...very short. She has velvet soft fur.
She has muscular legs and a thick neck.

A very thick neck. ;0)
Oh, sorry sweetie pie. You're gorgeous. Look at me please?
I love your white fur and black spots.

Come on. please?
Ohhhhh... thank you!
Yes... I do have a treat sitting on my head. ;0)
Sweet Pea... you make me so happy.

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A Serenade for Solitude said...

What a cute dog you have! Congrats on finding a keeper! I am sure she'll warm up real soon. :)