Monday, November 15, 2010

The Great Dog Search part.1

We have decided we are ready to get a new dog. Our beloved Gypsy Boots and Cosmo are still dearly missed but we need to fill the hole that they left. I have started to search in order to find a sweet little pup that needs a rescue. The site is fabulous but I haven't found a dog I want that is within close driving distance. Can you have a dog shipped? That doesn't seem very nice. :0(

My son wants another Pit Bull but I get to pick our next dog and I want a Corgi, although I am very partial to Border Collies. I would love to find a Corgi/ Border Collie mix. Now that would be a great dog.

Do you have any advice on where to find Corgi pups that need a home?

The sweet furry face you see above is one of our family rescues...
Pepi La Pu... with my brother many, many years ago. Pepi had been abused and was very scared when we got him but he soon became a part of our family.
My son just brought over his dog "Brownie" who lives with my son's Father... that is how much I need a dog...I have been begging for canine visitors!
Isn't Brownie sweet?! He looks like a mini Husky and acts like a Fox not like a dog at all.
I am so excited about our next new friend... I just have to wait until we get back from our Thanksgiving trip to my Mom's. Then I am finding one!

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DUTA said...

The two dogs in the pictures of this post are adorable.
I wish you best of Luck in finding the dog of your dreams!