Thursday, September 30, 2010

Webmaster Wonder

I have a new little critter in my garden. She is a bit creepy crawly but completely amazing. I really don't know if she is a she but since she reminds me of Charlotte in "Charlotte's Web"I am goin' with it. She has created the most delicate web between a tomato plant and a pepper plant. It is in the most genius of spots, a wide open space where insects fly frequently. The Hollyhocks I have in the front flower bed often have a fat little bee sitting in each flower and now the unfortunate ones are finding themselves trapped in Charlotte's web.

The Tomato plant is where she spends most of her time but I have noticed a great variety of bugs go from just stuck to completely cocooned like a leftover for later. She really eats a LOT of insects.

While I watched her she noticed a hole in her web, so she ever so efficiently repaired it.
Perfection. Marvelous!

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