Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fair Amount of Fun

On Thursday my hubby and I went to the Fair. The theme was "Gilligan's Island, which was very weird. I thought. There were little signs saying things like "Hey little Skipper keep off the flowers". There were silly things like this awesome Professor doll amongst cheap silk leis. That is my hubby back there wondering"why are we here?".

The amusement park part of the fair consisted of the usual vomit inducing sort of fun.
The kind I have no desired to ride anymore especially at the price they want.
The Zipper...this one was THE scariest ride of them all when I was a kid. Oh's the same.

Bobsled ride

Ferris Wheels scare me. Disney did it, that Giant SunWheel they have in Disney's Cali. Adventure has swinging baskets that I will never recover from.
Wheee... I can't take any more of this. On to the Quilts!

OK... so this one isn't a quilt. It is an afghan made entirely out of little granny Squares. Fabulous...and it gives me so many ideas.

I have to apologize for my photos of the quilts. I don't know what was wrong with me... I guess I was so in Awe of the quilt work I could care less about my photography. This one had a beautiful embroidered Lady in the center. Love it!

OH how I love crazy quilts. Doesn't it seem like it has a story to tell?

The colors in this one had me spellbound.

I love the use of Black and White in this beauty.

My photos do not do this one justice. Not even close. It was stunning.
It is called My Grape Arbor. I love the way the branches weave through the arbor and the leaves are 3 dimensional.

It was hot so they had fans going which kept this Space Quilt blowing in the breeze so my shot is blurry...that's my excuse ;0)

Oh... this horse wall hanging... just a fabulous work of art. The fabric choices created such an amazing texture.

I love this one... I looks like Home to me!

While I was wandering around feeling like I will Never be able to quilt like these competitors I overheard a conversation between a volunteer woman and a tickled me.
It went something like this.
Volunteer- "Susan do you have a quilt in here?"
Susan- " Yes I do"
Vol- "which one is it?"
Susan- " I am looking for it, Oh... there it is... to the right of those painted t shirts!"
Vol- "Oh Susan... there is a ribbon hanging from it."
Susan- " Hmmm"
Then I watched and lurked and waited for her to go look at her ribbon. She slowly walked around and looked at every single other quilt there before heading over to her quilt. Such patience! When she finally did go over to it she calmly looked at the ribbon, made a quiet comment to her husband and left. What did she win? I had to see. So I went over to her quilt and took a look at the ribbon "1st Place" and " Best in Show"!
What did I do? Burst into tears! I was so happy for her! I am not nearly as calm about these things as she is... clearly. I am such a weirdo.
To top it all off, I didn't take a photo of her quilt. It was a beautiful quilt.
This quilt I did take several photos of because this one is MY "Best in Show"
The edges are raw and wonky. There are three Ravens carrying spools of thread, scissors and a tomato pin cushion.
There are 6 skeletons in a quilting circle stitching away on a glorious
Jack-O-Lantern themed quilt.

They look like they are having the best time quilting in the graveyard.
This quilt is genius... inspiring...

and so much more fun than "The Zipper"!


Tonya R said...

wheeee, Jen, you were absolutely right - I LOVE this halloween quilt too. so much fun and do creative. woohoo!

Land of shimp said...

Those quilts are stunning! I don't blame you at all for being entranced by them. The patience it takes to make one of those just floors me, and the vision required to have a picture in your mind's eye, and then realize it :-)

I love the story about the winner's behavior. I'm sure on the inside she was doing cartwheels, clearly she must have done something fabulous because many of those are truly beautiful, yet hers won. Still, I like the restrained reaction to it. I'm sure she was keeping in mind how hard everyone worked while still yelling "Hurray!", quietly. On the inside :-)

Fun fair, it sounds like. Although I'm with you, the theme seems odd but interesting and different.

Anonymous said...

I love crazy quilts! I wish I had the ambition to make one myself. I can just imagine how fun they'd be!

And, I enjoyed reading about the winner's restraint. If it was me, I'd have been overwhelmed.

Have you finished The Poisonwood Bible? I'm almost finished myself. I'm a slow reader -- it's taken me almost a month! haha. But it's so good.

~ Jennifer