Sunday, March 10, 2013

Rugby on Ice

Spring has sprung for us here in the mountains. Although it is still snowing on occasion, the creeks are flowing and the sun is shining more than not. It has been another dry, easy winter. Which is nice but our town needs the tourists who come up for the snow and we all need the snow pack for the water content. So it is a win/lose situation.
I took Rugby out for some adventure recently and she was lovin' the water. Fresh, icy mountain water.

In fact she seemed to want to get in it! She kept walking out on the ice.
I found these bright orange feathers and I wonder what kind of bird they came off of. The orange looked so nice against the soft green color of the sage. I may have to make an afghan with those colors. Hmm...

Oops! This is what Rugby looks like after she falls through the ice into the freezing water.
Shake it off girl, warmer days are on the way.

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Lorna said...

You have a sweet blog. Rugby doesn't look like my labrador retriever, Cheyenne, but they have the same attitude. Cheyenne died in October of last year but her memory lingers on. I love posts that show man's best friend. Thanks.