Wednesday, February 15, 2012

No Yarn Left Behind

When I start a new afghan I use large 8oz. skeins that I have rolled into balls. The yarn in this basket is intended for my next crocheted project but I have told myself not to start another one until "Sea Glass and Snow" is finished...and it isn't...yet. Mmm...I am lovin' these colors. Melon, sea foam,cornmeal, tan and white. I still need to decide on a pattern.

As I crochet afghan...

after afghan...

after afghan...

and so on...

The balls get smaller and smaller, naturally, and I save them in a pair of jars and a bowl which recently began to overflow their boundaries. So I had to start two new projects! Yes...I had to. The pattern for one of them is again from Attic24, you can get it here. The tiniest balls are only about an inch around and are too small for anything but the inside of this awesome flowery block.
The next size up is the perfect amount of yarn to complete the next round.

See... pretty little flowery circles.

Which are quickly becoming a cozy creation.

The next size up in leftover yarn balls are a few inches around.
Just enough to make a small Granny square for a future project.

After all this tiny work I am still left with a bowl of yarn bits and I happened to see a photo on Pinterest, which I now can't find 'cause I didn't PIN IT,of a suet bird feeder filled with bits of yarn for the birdies to build their nests with. Brilliant I think, so that is what I will do with the last of those 8oz. balls!

Very thrifty I think. Yes...No Yarn Left Behind. ;0)

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Beth said...

So pretty! I've been trying to finish up a bunch of my worsted weight yarn on granny squares but I'm starting to run out of "good" colors but I really don't want to go buy more because the whole idea was to work through my stash and downsize. It's a never ending cycle!