Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Yosemite in August

Last week we had the pleasure of visiting Yosemite National Park with some of my favorite people. We only had one afternoon to visit and we enjoyed every minute. Most of the photos I took were taken from the moving car so they aren't the best but it is hard to mess up a shot of anything in Yosemite, it is just too beautiful. We enter the park from the East side and Tenaya Lake is a treasure to behold. Gorgeous mountain water.

Rugby didn't enjoy the long drive this time.

It seemed like everyone thought it would be a good day to visit the Park, lots and lots of Happy Campers.

Entering the Park...yipeee!

Uh Oh! looks like a wildfire is burning down there.

Yep...looks to be a big one.

As we winded down the mountains into the valley we started to worry that the air wouldn't be very good down there.

There she is...Yosemite Valley. It is just so majestic, always takes my breathe away.

The air actually didn't seem too bad once we got down to the valley floor.

Lush, so lush this year.

I will never understand this...I mean why pose on the dangerous rocks? There is a reason so many tourists die in our National Parks every year...stupidity.

I mean look at this shot below!

This is Bridalveil Falls...all these folks are at the base of it...here is a shot of the top.

She is a beauty isn't she?

Hope you all get a chance to visit one of our fabulous National Parks this summer.

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