Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wreath in Bloom

Oh Boy I have been busy. As you can clearly see my "winter" wreath needed some love. Little did I know that it needed some love from Attic24.I have discovered through Thimbleanna (one of my favorite blogs)
a wonderful, hooky fabulous blog named...yes... Attic24.

In this incredible Attic of crochet inspiration I learned how to make these cheery flowers... and these luscious leaves.

Rugby is not... happily cooperating with the modeling but...
My battered twiggy wreath is extremely joyous to don the sweet things.
Ahhhh..yeah...much better. Warm days are on their way.
I think it needs just a few more...or maybe a dozen! I can't stop making them. ;0) j


Terri Morse said...

Hi Jennifer! I just popped over from Daisy Cottage to say hello. It caught my attention when you said you're expecting snow! It all makes sense now that I see that you live in the mountains. Your crochet flowers are so colorful and cheerful, and Rugby looks so cute modeling them. We are recovering from a massive rainstorm here yesterday. Fortunately, we're pretty far north so we didn't get the tornadoes they got down south. Have a wonderful day. Terri

Anonymous said...

I love what you've done with your wreath. I have such a weakness for anything crocheted - those flowers are so pretty!

~ Jennifer

Jaime Leigh said...

Wreath looks so cheerful....<3