Friday, February 18, 2011

Quest for Dirt 2

We made another trip with Rugby in order for her to get to play on something other than snow...our quest for dirt. This time we drove down the hill about 45 minutes and explored. We went to the spot where we like to float in inner tubes down the Owens River, in the middle of summer...not now! Brrr...

There are these two silos there that have always interested me. I happen to like graffiti...sometimes. To me it is a form of art. I love it on these silos but I wouldn't want it on the side of my house...or maybe I would? I guess it depends on the artist's ability.

When you have rescued a dog it is hard to know what they might do. I was afraid Rugby may decide to jump in the river. That river is deep and very cold right now...I didn't want to have to jump in. She is a smart girl though, she just watched the birds.

Then we stopped by the cemetery because I am participating in a Photo Scavenger Hunt and I need a photo of a tombstone that is one hundred years old or older. If it was spring time I would have gone to Bodie so I could get a recent shot of a really old headstone but the snow will not allow. So Bishop cemetery it is.

I found a few that I liked but the light was all wrong, I need to go in the morning. This first one belongs to Ben T. Williams died August 19, 1908, aged 58 years, native of Tennessee. The next one is a bit older, Carrie V. Neill, daughter, Died July 6, 1894, 27 years. Sometimes I think it is funny how one hundred years seems like a long time to me, I guess it is because I have always lived in the west. I read in a book recently that stated "Europeans think one hundred miles is a long way and Americans think one hundred years is along time". That's me!

I have a deep love for graveyards and I have a hard time explaining why. Maybe it has to do with my love of stories from the past, the history of it all. I have written about it before, here. I wander through careful not to step where the bodies would be, although the best cemeteries are the ones that are so old you can't tell where the bodies are, reading the epitaphs and imagining what that persons life was like and what killed them. I took 6 shots of this Jesus statue trying to get one with the sun right behind his head. This is the best one I got.
Graveyards are so peaceful, everyone is at rest here.
Hope you have a wonderful peaceful day. J

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Tonya Ricucci said...

excellent photos. those silos are cool and yeah, I like to take photos in graveyards too. I haven't gone exploring to find one here yet - maybe when I'm functional again. but uh, I'm gonna say no to the graffiti on my house question, even by a talented artist. now one of those wildly colored Victorian Painted Ladies? heaven!