Thursday, February 10, 2011

Calling All Book Lovers!

I have a weakness for these handmade bookmarks, I love them.

Not only did I buy several custom bookmarks for Christmas presents, I also bought a few for myself. Don't you love my wise gold owl?
He holds my spot beautifully and adds a touch of style to my endless stacks of books. Would you like one?
Well... Cassie happens to be giving one away!!! A gorgeous bookmark with a velvet ribbon and a big fat heart. Go over to her Fabulous blog Serenade for Solitude and leave a comment.
Good Luck! ;0)


Nate said...

I just love that you are getting such great use out of your bookmarks!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!


Nate said...

oops. I was signed in under my Husband.

xx, Cassie