Thursday, July 22, 2010

Poppy Love

Last Friday my Poppies bloomed. It was a big deal.
You see, all over town there are giant deep orange-red Poppies and I NEED to have some in my front flowerbed so last year I bought two plants and they bore no flowers. I actually thought they wouldn't come back this year but they did! Boy did they. They started like this and then last Friday... POW! They are magnificent don't you think?
but they are Pink! Ugh!
It isn't that I have something against pink, I just seem to end up with pink, pink and more pink when it comes to flowers. I have Hollyhocks that I planted many years ago and they were supposed to be Hot pink and they ended up melon pink, almost all of my Columbine is pink. I avoid pink and I get it anyway.
Oh well...
They are so bold and exotic... even in pink! ;0)

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