Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Quilt O' Lakes

Hello everyone,
I have been very busy with a quilt for my dad and now that he has it, I can share my photos with you. It all started with one block. "The Mono Block" which I made on a whim... I just wanted to make a word block and I had just visited Mono Lake. It is said "Moe No" not "Ma No". I ended up discarding "Mono" when I decided to make it a quilt with the names of a few of our fishable lakes. Mono Lake is an amazing place but not really fishable. That block will have to become something else.
My dad loves to fish and he recently moved from our area so... a quilt for dad. That is what I decided I should make for my father for Christmas. It turned out to be a monster of a job, everything was wonky. I had to keep telling myself it is OK. It is Folk Art.I started with a few small lakes and then progressed to the longer names.

The hardest part was keeping myself from making the blocks too big. It is easier to make big giant words than it is to make tiny little ones.

The back is actually pieced with a few large pieces of fabric in blues. I only got one photo of the back, dummy me.

Someday I hope to learn how to do a meandering stitch to cover the whole quilt but I just quilted simple blocks around the letters and in the open spaces. I also embroidered "Fishing the Sierras" in one of the biggest spaces but failed to get a photo. In the end I love the way it came out and I learned an immense amount about how to make letters. My next step is to learn how to make a different font. Yikes!

My dad may not use this quilt much now that he has moved to the desert but it should bring him many happy memories.


Land of shimp said...

And think how long it will last with little use! Some things are lovely enough to warrant just being gazed upon. That quilt is one such thing :-)

PuraAbarca said...

wonderful ..................................................

Jennifer D said...

Shimp- good point!You flatter me so.

PuraAbarca- Thanks!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

wheee, fabulous!!!

Jennifer D said...

Tonya your quilts are an inspiration to me! Wheeee!