Tuesday, December 15, 2009

From China to Turkey Disneystyle

I am happy to be home. Our quick trip to Disneyland was extended do to another huge snowstorm which made the drive home impossible for our car. We came home yesterday to 3 more feet of snow. Lucky for us my parents have recently moved to the desert and we were able to visit with them. It was very nice to see them all settled into their new home.

We had a wonderful time at Disneyland and California Adventure, how could we not? It did rain a bit while we were there but it wasn't too cold for us mountain goats. It was really just misting and we thought it added to the holiday atmosphere.
It was a little strange being surrounded by Christmas decorations in a Tropical climate. I took 128 photos on our trip, most of which I won't be showing you because they really aren't very good. I'll spare you, but here are some photos of things you might not expect to see at Disneyland.

Asian motifs and vintage ads-

I have a thing for advertisements.Advertising is really just another form of art. The history behind the ads is what intrigues me. It says a lot about what attracts us and ads on brick walls... even better.Art Deco- Oh be still my heart. I adore Art Deco style and the Tower of Terror is a dreamy example.

These next two shots seem like Gothic examples to me, not sure.

Would you expect to see a Reindeer at Disneyland? I didn't.

Do you remember hearing about the 40 pound Turkey that President Obama pardoned on Thanksgiving this year? Well here he is at the Happiest Place on Earth, although I don't believe that is his Happiest Place. Better than the White House table though!

I'll be back with more photos from our trip later.I better get to work. I am way behind on some of my handmade Christmas gifts and I need to get some packages shipped off and unpack my suitcase.

Have a great day.


Land of shimp said...

Those are great pictures, Jennifer. Thank you for sharing them.

Like you, I'm very drawn to advertising images, in part because they are another art-form. There are several well known artists who made their living via advertisement art -- Edward Hopper, for instance.

They are also an interesting form of social commentary. Things that mark the change in societal perceptions, and mark out societal emphasis.

Take the Sunmaid Raisin Girl, who has recently been the subject of several news pieces when she was "updated", one critic said, "She looks like an Amish Barbie".

It's just fascinating to look at the original image, and compare it to the modern day one in terms of our progression in what we deem attractive, and desirable on all levels. The new Sunmaid girl has long, thin limbs, the proportion of her mouth as compared to the original image is stunning -- she's all mouth and eyes, really.

Advertising is an interesting mirror of what we, as a society deem acceptable, desirable and important. The most interesting thing is that the original artwork was based on a real woman. The current sort of whittled, generic-pretty girl is computer generated.

If you look at ads for decorating there is still a big emphasis on "neutral" color use. I could go on, but I promise to stop now :-)

Just saying, that one of the things that makes old advertising interesting that, particularly given that individual comportment was a lot stricter, the advertising images were a lot freer. Advertising was about a loss of structure, stepping outside of rigid constructions -- buying was a way of stepping outside of a constructed box.

Now it would seem that trends are to create that rigid box with what we deem acceptable.

Advertising is our mirror :-)

And...that was a ramble (as per usual)! Sorry.

I'm so glad you had nice trip, and clearly your pictures got me thinking.

Jennifer D said...

Shimp I adore your "ramblings", don't stop.

I have noticed the new Sunmaid raisin girl has a new look as well as the Columbia pictures lady and Betty Crocker. It is very interesting to think about what that says about us.
From Real woman to generic Barbie.