Wednesday, April 5, 2017

11th Birthday Project

I have been working on so many secret projects aka "gifts" that I haven't been able to share any photos that might spoil a surprise. The following is just one example, there are more to come. Today is my Niece's 11th birthday and I wanted to give her something special. She received an American Girl doll from Santa last Christmas and she named her Mary. I think she has had a few dolls named Mary. She needed some clothes to beef up her wardrobe so all month long I have been having the best time making tiny little clothes.
Here is a play by play of the gift opening, sort of.
I wanted to film her opening it but I decided to just watch and be in the moment. I won't get many more of these moments you know!
 I put a layer of tissue between each outfit so she appreciated them one at a time. It worked like a charm. The first layer was a pair of lounge pants and two flannel shirts.
She said" You made my doll, clothes?!"
 This outfit consists of a baby blue flannel shirt complete with embroidery and a twirly pink skirt and a crocheted raspberry beret. So cute.
 A lined corduroy suit complete with hat.
 A flannel suit.
Right about here she said" If there is an old fashioned dress I am going to scream!"
 This sundress is made from a fabric that I used to make her a dress when she was just a little thing.

 Right about here she started squealing. This dress comes with pantaloons but I didn't have enough of the blue to make a bonnet to match.
 So I made another one with a tiny polka dot print complete with bonnet. She loves it I think it's her favorite but this next one stunned her into silence for a moment. She looked like her head was going to explode!
 It is quite luxurious. I cropped it out of the photo by mistake but it has black trim at the bottom.
 Here is a photo if the final dress on my doll. See the trim at the hem line?
I had to get a doll of course. I needed a model right?! I had to make sure everything fit before I gave it to her. She is a birthday present to myself alright!
I am pretty sure my niece will be enjoying this gift for a long time and now I am hooked on making doll clothes so more will be coming her way.
Happy Birthday Miss!
I love you.

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