Friday, April 29, 2016

A Try at Photo Transfer

Pinterest inspired me to try my hand at photo transfer and since there is no craft store in town and I don't have the patience to wait for mail order, I used what I had on hand. I read that you should use a laserjet photo to begin with but I have an inkjet printer so that is what I used. I have a gloss glaze medium which worked just fine but I have read you can use Mod Podge. I also used a paint brush, nail file, damp sponge and a piece of glass. 

 I started with a vintage photo of Drew Barrymore's Grandmother silent film star Dolores Costello. She is so pretty. Those eyes are amazing. Basically I just used the paint brush to put a layer of gel gloss on the glass and then lay the photo right side down against the gel. Smooth it out so there aren't any air bubbles, just like Decopauge and let dry overnight.
Once the gel is dry, take your damp sponge and press it against the back of the paper damping the entire photo. Then using your finger just start gently rubbing off the paper. As you rub in circles the paper will come up and leave the image/ ink in the gel medium. You can use the file to sand off the paper on the edges of the glass.
 In the end you have a super cool ghostly image.
 This one came out so neat with the soft pink and yellow flowers. I played around a bit with different backgrounds. First against a beat up wood table. Then against a bright Turquoise table which made her look like a Zombie.
 The Sacred Heart came out fantastic.
 This time with the sun shining through.
Our Lady of Guadalupe
 This one is my current favorite.
 The turquoise, the gold. Love Love Love.
 Now I am thinking I should coat them in gloss which will bring out the color even more but first I need to figure out what I am going to do with them. They will look great in frames but I think I want to drill holes in them and hang them in the window. Next up I want to do one with a landscape photo.
I just need more glass, lucky me I am married to a glazier.

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