Friday, January 15, 2016

Halloween in January

I have started a super fun project today. It is a Halloween project. A costume to be exact.
I am going to turn this old hand me down denim coat into something Fabulous!
It was a light blue color so I started by dying it a lovely green. You see, someone gave me a garbage bag full of silk (poly) Ivy, that is what started it. Actually I think I have to give Martha Stewart credit for the original idea. She had a leafy costume in one of her Halloween issues many years ago.
  I just knew I wanted to cover this coat with the leaves off of the ivy but I couldn't decide if I should use Hot Glue to attach them or should I take the time to sew them on by hand? So the project sat and waited... for years, until I cleaned out my craft closet last weekend and found that bag of faux greenery. I just couldn't put it off anymore. I started cutting the leaves off of the vines.
There are a lot of them. A great pile of leaves.
Then I sorted them and started sewing them on.
I think hot glue would be faster but there are a few cons to using hot glue.
#1. I will burn myself. Always do.
#2. Those pesky glue web like threads that end up all over. I hate them.
#3. I am afraid the coat will weigh a ton in the end with all that glue and it might be stiff.
So hand sewing it is.

Here is the hem so far. I put the largest leaves along the bottom and it looks a bit like a lacy hem.
The first row of small leaves around each cuff.
I am working on the collar tonight and I have big plans for the pockets. This costume doesn't have a cohesive theme yet but it is looking very elf like. Elvish? Like something a Wood Sprite would wear. Yep...I am having a great Halloween in January.

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DUTA said...

Great project! You're very creative!
Of course, sewing is preferrable to glueing. Good Luck with it!