Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Little Chef

A little Chef comes to visit sometimes. She can be a great help in the inside kitchen,

                                       but it is in the outside kitchen where her talents really shine.
                                 Soup and Salad. Yum. Hubby actually tasted the soup and liked it.

                                                   This is an herbal bath for Tinkerbell. Love it.

                                                   Braving the cold but still lost in her work.
Cup o' Tea?

 Petal Salad with Hollyhock seeds and mint. 

Her favorite apron.

Eventually it is too cold even for her so we all come in and cook some more.

This time it is Pizza!
                  We learned long ago that the best pizza in town is found right in our very own house.

Yep! This is the little Chef's sausage and cheese deep dish Masterpiece.

I wonder what we will create next time?

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