Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Meet Lily House

I would like to introduce you all to my newest hobby...Lily House.
She was a fabulous birthday gift from my husband last year and then over the following few months he graciously put her together for me. The biggest obstacle on my end was deciding in advance what colors to paint all of the pieces, a nearly impossible feat. I did my best to guess what I may want in the future and now I am painting it all over again. Figures!

Ahh...don't 'cha just love her? I want to blow her up to life size and move in. The living room will remain this shocking green but I think the bedroom upstairs needs something more...soothing.
There have been a few visitors but no one has permanently moved in at this time. Prince Charming has no plans to clean up the huge mess the painters left behind. You know...being a prince and all, I don't think Lily is nearly pretentious enough for him.
Rosie approves of the paint color in the bathroom but she needs a more open floor plan.
Pongo loves the new table and chairs that came all the way from the UK, his homeland. Now I just need to find the perfect sofa...

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