Saturday, June 9, 2012

Operation Play Kitchen

About 9 months ago I found this...

and many other fabulous examples of entertainment centers turned into play kitchens on Pinterest . I fell in love, I needed to make creative need is very controlling sometimes ;0)
So I mentined it to my Sis-in-Law and she said that they had promised "B" a play kitchen but hadn't found one for her yet. So Operation Play Kitchen began.
We didn't find an affordable entertainment center until the beginning of April but when we did, it was just the right price...Free! Kevin had gone to the Thrift store and there was a bunch of free furniture going to the dump. He snagged it up and brought it home. So for the next 3 days this is what we did. Curt (B's dad) began taking it all apart .

He then cut a hole to accommodate my old Crock Pot bowl. Bingo! We have a sink. He also took off one door and turned the other small door into an oven door. So far still free.
Then it was Prime Time.We hauled it in the house and I primed all night.
Then paint...Oh Yeah!

The next day I started to plan the "window".

Curt installed a brand new faucet and it made the sink look perfect. We painted the inside of the fridge white and the inside of the oven black.

Our original plan was to paint the door panels with chalkboard paint or magnetic paint but the store was sold out. So we just went white with it.

Kevin cut a piece of glass from an old picture we had in the garage and added window trim to make the window just that much more real.

I am quite pleased with the way my painting turned out, in fact I would like to have this view from my kitchen window.

Here it is... the finished play kitchen while it was still at my house.

I made a couple curtains and a pot holder, Curt hung the hooks,a towel hoop, put a towel rod on the oven door and added new handles to the fride doors. Kevin built the little stove top and those metal stove knobs came off of his old BBQ. Curt used appliance paint on the white part of the stove top so it is shiny like a real stove top.

Here it is right at home in B's room. Eek!!! So cute.

When I was taking these photos she said "What kind of music do you want to listen to? Country?" and she pushed the button on her "stereo", which fits perfectly on her window sill. :0)

She then lathered up her soap and began washing her dishes.

Oh, if only washing dishes would always be this much fun.

B has made herself right at home in her kitchen with her own personal touches and it makes my heart sing to see how much she enjoys it.

I sure loved getting the chance to be apart of creating it.


Cassie said...

Too cute, Jennifer!! I've never seen one made with an entertainment center--how creative!

Beth said...

I keep seeing these on Pinterest and thinking it is such a cool idea. Wish my girls were still young enough to make one for too.
Very nice work! Better than any store bought plastic ones I've ever seen.

Unknown said...

Wow, I wish I would have seen this before buying a kitchen for Nolan. You are a true genius! So much better than the one I bought.

Sharon said...

This came out so great! I would have loved this as a kid!

Thimbleanna said...

OhMyGosh -- is that ever cute!!! I'll have to remember that for "someday". Great Job -- you guys are so clever!