Sunday, November 13, 2011

Work Site Shots

We had the pleasure of working in a log cabin in a wonderful old part of town a few days ago and across the street I spotted this Totem like sculpture with five little bears climbing up... Cute huh?

I had to throw this shot in just because I love the color of this cabin all frosted in white and the icicle that is nearly reaching the ground.

The log cabin where we swept the chimney has an old rock fireplace all covered in lichen and a fabulous view out the window.

This is a shot of the creek running right outside their back door.

Gorgeous. It hasn't snowed much at all yet but it sure is pretty already. fresh and crisp ;0)

1 comment:

DUTA said...

Cute indeed, both the cabin and the sculpture.The creek running outside the cabin adds a lot to the pretty place.
Your pictures of the cabin and its surroundings are just lovely.