Sunday, July 3, 2011

July 4th photos past

This morning I was looking through some photos of our July 4th parades over the years and I think tomorrow I need to try a little harder to get "good" shots. Regardless here are a few of the better ones I have taken during the last two years.
This one is of the Johnson Family float "The Titanic". So clever they are. Local Cowboy with American Flag.

Radio Flyer, little boy and flag. Pure Americana

Uh...Afro Firemen.

Bernese Mountain Dog . Beauty

I wish you all a wonderful day today and tomorrow. I hope you will be enjoying BBQ, family, friends, sun, your country, or at least a good movie. I will be back soon with shots from this years parade and this time I will be taking Rugby. She will be wearing a super cute collar to show her patriotism. ;0) J


Beth said...

Love your photos Jennifer! Happy 4th to you.
Just a small correction: it is Bernese not Burmese. They come from the Bern area of Switzerland. Burmese Pythons come from Burma, a hot tropical island in SE Asia.

Jennifer D said...

Gosh you are so right Beth! Oops.